Back from LA-LA Land

Three days of riotous dissipation have passed in a blur, the first heavy winter storm is pouring outside the window and I am roaming about writing an article for my Influential Friend, making a hearty cabbage soup and very grateful to find a couple of limp sticks of celery at the bottom of the crisper – ha! – drawer.  The fire is lit, Stefan is playing his favorite farty jazz and I am listening with half an ear to see if the car alarm which shrieked all night has really stopped since I went onto the marina and pulled all the wires I could reach apart with my bare hands.  To applause from my neighbours, I might add.  Fancy this backwater being less restful than LA.

Eileen and I went to the Korean bathhouse again, and I had the best, best scrub and massage of my life.  You do feel rather like a fish on the fishmonger’s slab, and by the time the strong little lady had finished I felt she had unpacked my very tripes and put them back all shiny and neat, but my skin is like a baby’s, hair fragrant and shiny, muscles pummelled into tranquillity and my eyes still have a tendency to cross in bliss a day later.   We went to more events, openings, premiers, restaurants and even shops than in the previous three months, I visited Kathy Delgado at her wonderful shopVintageWeave -  this place is the Real Deal, packed with only the very best, then I discovered an old college friend in the very next building (both of us a long way from Sydney Uni).  Six of us went to lunch at the Farmers’ Market, then we dropped in to fit a set of Rough Linen on a Cal King (because I can do it in my sleep by now), and it was such a pleasure for me to see the end result in situ – I never do. Then a meeting, drinks, a film premier we didn’t actually see we were so late – but we made it to the after-party… Then hamburgers because Eileen and David had missed dinner, and bed in the small hours with our heads reeling.  And that was only the half of it.

I bought the most beautiful striped fisherman’s jersey in Zara, we played with the baby, saw the wonderful new restaurant Charlie and her David are opening,
walked Montana Avenue, got lost in our rental car, marvelled at downtown LA like country cousins and got back here in a whirl.  Best trip ever, best friends ever.  I am raring to get back to work.

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  1. Struggler says:

    Wow, am tired just reading this – only 3 days for all this helter-skelter action?
    I’ve never been to LA, but when I do, I doubt I’ll pack this much in :)

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