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I Like this Shot

I wanted to show my three-legged table, the photo albums had piled up there and not been moved, I am ridiculously attached to my old galvanised buckets-become-bins, and the lilies were just the icing on the cake. I take photos … Continue reading

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Back from LA-LA Land

Three days of riotous dissipation have passed in a blur, the first heavy winter storm is pouring outside the window and I am roaming about writing an article for my Influential Friend, making a hearty cabbage soup and very grateful … Continue reading

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La Vie en Rose

This has been an uncharacteristically tranquil week, working at the day job Monday and today, and taking to my bed at all other times because I am convinced the old ways are the best ways for the recovery of health … Continue reading

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Fractals and Rough

Who doesn’t love fractals, and love Mandelbrot’s story? I shall certainly never look at a whorl in the same way, in seashell or cauliflower. Beauty, order and accord from an unexpected quarter. I confess I think a lot about the … Continue reading

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A Wondrous Fibre Day

This afternoon we went to Mimi Luebbermann’s open day at Windrush Farm, what a warm welcome! and delectable, hand-spun, hand dyed yarns…it almost made me believe I could do it too, like Marlie from Black Mountain Artisans in Point Reyes … Continue reading

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Little Things

Here is the set-up for glazing my stars~ and I finally did right by my little house too, carefully gluing it all together. and I stripped out the bedroom ready for stills of yellow St Barts Square duvet cover, and … Continue reading

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Lovesong to the Sea

Does everyone have creative tides, when all of a sudden three or four ideas are swirling around from out of the depths? This is what just washed up on my shore:Boum! I knew nothing of Charles Trénet, but ‘Boum’ got … Continue reading

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The Turn of the Year

The movements of kayaking are going through my mind, in the background: pushing the upper blade forward while pulling the lower blade through the top layer of water. Balanced, economical, reciprocal. This is because I am thinking of seasons. Autumn … Continue reading

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Encouragement A little help, helps.

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A Quiet Week

Sort of head down and back to normal this week, which makes me dull company. I feel subdued thinking of all the lovely people we filmed last week, lung cancer survivors, how brave they are and how precious few of … Continue reading

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