The Sistine Floor

On Friday my friend Carolyn told me what to do – she’s good at that. “Have a party!” she said.
Immediately my mind flew to…the guest list? food? no – I started obsessing about the porch floor. I have been meaning to do it for so long.

So, with my usual flair for galloping off on a completely logical tangent, I bought paint, moved furniture (unplugging our complicated tv/video/computer etc spaghetti) and cleared the room~
why do I always enjoy the house more when it in uproar?

I had been planning for ages to convert the dull and lumpy pretend concrete ’tiles’

into a diagonal checked vision in off-white and pale gray, shadowy homage to my beloved French navy and white kitchen floor in our family home.  Since the floor was scored in a twenty-four inch grid already I simply painted the whole floor off-white, then roughly painted the to-be-white squares with another coat

and lightly pencilled the diagonal lines.  Next day the fun began.

I have lots of advice to give now:
Firstly, work all the way along one line from corner to corner.  Secondly, it took me far too long to work out it was easier always to go from left to right (I’m left-handed). I had been switching backwards and forwards, and I confuse easily.

Cut the ends of the masking tape extremely accurately – I poked tiny holes at top and bottom of the tape with my scissor point then cut, and it made a world of difference.

Once you have laid all the north/south masking tape, the east/west is a doddle.
Seal the leading edge of your tape lightly with your finger as you go along, then burnish it with the side of your thumbnail, what’s left of it.  Don’t rub down the other side of the tape (away from the pencil line) because you’ll want to take it up again, row by row as you paint each row.  Don’t leave the tape any longer than you have to, and don’t let the paint dry on it.

Less stuff is going back in there. It isn’t primped yet but you get the drift.
I got so carried away I painted the trim facing the deck – I have been meaning to do it for ages – and took our stacked no-longer-wanted picture frames down to the store room, cleared the deck of my tatty driftwood collection, hung my crab nets and all the other little things which had gone undone too long. Actually clearing the decks just about covers it.

you can just see the oakum used between wood and painted floors

It all went on so long I didn’t start sewing until late afternoon – in a happy glow of achievement. Although I did realise one sad thing-
I don’t want to have a party because I believe no-one would come…

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11 Responses to The Sistine Floor

  1. Kerry says:

    I am so very impressed with your patience getting all that tape down and the finished product. It looks really wonderful. And I bet heaps of people would come :)

  2. Low Tide High Style says:

    You should have a party to show off that fabulous new floor! If you paint it they will come, or something like that! ;-)

    Kat :)

  3. kerrie says:

    It looks wOnDeRfUl!!!!! But I can see the hard work. I'm left handed too…so is one of my daugthers. And she is an artist/creative/builder type person too.

  4. Sharon says:

    Love what you have done and all your energy. If I was closer, I'd come for sure.

  5. A Perfect Gray says:

    absolutely wonderful job. that floor looks terrific.

    how do other hosts make having a party look easy? it's not my thing. it's one thing I really need to do better – hospitality is a spiritual disicipline and I need to work on it. Thanks so much TR, for that post. it made me see a little of myself in it!

    Love, Donna

  6. Felix says:

    Aww! I'd come to your party!
    I figure having a party is an exercise in surprising one's self. You can never really anticipate who will come, so plan to lavishly entertain three or four guests. If more people arrive, it just gets less lavish, but more fun!

  7. Karna says:

    OMG….love the floor…..nice!

  8. Third Avenue Style says:

    Hey, any plans to come to Australia & do my floors for me? Spectacular. I am seriously impressed……..

  9. allison tait says:

    I would come, if only to admire those floors first-hand. What an amazing job – and such patience. The difference is incredible. When's the party? I'll mark the date on my calendar.

  10. Struggler says:

    So much work went into this! My goodness, I get confused just mopping a floor, never mind painting it.
    Of course people would come….!

  11. Miri Leigh says:

    Tricia, you are so amazing. I love what you’ve done — you totally transformed the room. I just love your sense of style, so relaxed and sophisticated at the same time. I’m inspired!

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