I’ve wanted to move away from Blogger all this year. Today we took the plunge.

Our first day. Good. Compare the size of the Spartina Spraying photo with the Sistine Floor photos. Both the same size – however Blogger made them smaller.

There’s a lot to learn, like giving each post a category.

Our annual spray but this year from a boat

Our old posts came across just fine.

Now to make the redirect to the new site more automatic (301 redirect in the biz, I think)

Next we need to import followers and RSS feeds. Etc. Oh dear.

Bear with us. It will be all right on the night. But maybe not tonight!

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  1. Struggler says:

    Ooh, you can import your followers? That’s cool, I’d like that.
    I just found your RSS feed so I picked that up too.

  2. Nancy says:

    Just got back from two months in New Zealand, was telling someone about your site and your linen and have wondered why you weren’t posting anymore. My Google “Reader” never showed any new posts to read so I just assumed you were very busy with your business and didn’t blog anymore! I went to look up one of your old posts and found you had moved!!! So glad I found you again. Now, on top of unpacking and catching up with a home we deserted for two months, I will have to catch up with YOU!


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