I Have Crossed Over

We are now on WordPress – I feel I have entered my blogging maturity.

A shark egg? So beautiful...

I’m just getting the hang of this, so bear with me – tech is means to an end with me and my lips tend to move while I learn…

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Not distracted by shiny objects.
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13 Responses to I Have Crossed Over

  1. Stefan says:

    Jane F @ Atticmag

    2010/09/17 at 1:26 pm
    Congrats on your new format! Hope you’ll enjoy it. One of the things I love about blogging is learning about new stuff — especially the tech. The blog looks great so that’s what’s important and the Blogger referral is working — how I got here.

    Thanks for stopping by. Jane F

    Jane- I had to move your comment over as we have changed to a different site!

  2. Felix says:

    Shark egg? I feel dumb asking this, but is that really where sharks come from?

  3. Rachael says:

    The blog looks great..I’d be interested to know if you find it better than blogger. Blogger does have its issues! Have a lovely weekend..Rachaelxx

  4. Struggler says:

    Congratulations – glad to have still found you!
    Sooner or later, I think many of totter across to WordPress – looks like it worked great for you!

  5. Miri Leigh says:

    Pop open the champagne! This is big. You will love Word Press, I promise. It’s so much more versatile and sophisticated than blogger. And you have a nice clean URL now. Love it!

  6. anne says:

    Sharks egg are square pockets, so thats someting different. Maybe a crustecean?
    Love the new format btw

  7. Great photo and I will be curious to see what you think of WordPress. It seems to offer more options and I like the layout choices :)


  8. Anne Marie says:

    oh man Tricia! I’m so glad you commented…I’ve been lookin’ for ya!

    that shark is so cool…I can’t wait to show my son…

    I started out on wordpress, and am VERY tempted to go back…I miss the “way it works” and the “no problems” I used to have.

    talk soon!

  9. It`s so nice visiting you… I have laughed a lot with the way you tell things… here blogging in my kitchen at 01:26 in the morning…. you have brightened my night!!!!

  10. Karna says:

    Beatiful picture….and we got a lot of rain, so yes…I can send it over to you.. =0)

  11. Kerri says:

    Wondered where you’d disappeared to! Looks great, I really like your new format. Will go now and update my blog list! K xx

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