I Build a House

A Queenslander to be precise, the sort of house I remember from my youth, with endless, enticing verandahs, french doors with transoms, high ceilings and that wonderful mysterious area underneath, dim and cool in a world which wasn’t at all dim and cool.

Nom sent it to me for my birthday, exquisitely laser-cut from fine sheets of wood

I didn’t read the instructions first and the verandah roofs kept falling in -

Then I did read the bumph, and found out how to keep the pitched roof on too. Great things, instructions!

Love my little house, thank you dear sister!

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3 Responses to I Build a House

  1. A-M says:

    Oh how lovely! I live amongst these! I am actually doing a post soon on a wonderful Qlder I had the privilege of being shown through when I admired it on one of my morning walks. I spent 2 hours with the owners learning it's history… just wonderful. What a delightful present! A-M xx

  2. brismod says:

    What a cool gift. I've seen the Little Building Co on the internet and I think they are such a fun idea.x

  3. Struggler says:

    You did a great job with building this! I'm sure if I attempted it, it would nothing like that :)

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