A New Amusement

First I have to apologise mentally to my lifelong friend Paddy.  This is difficult as she is on a sort of Grand Tour of England, Scotland, Outer Hebrides, France – anywhere that takes her fancy really – and is wisely incommunicado, but here goes: Paddy,  I silently scoffed when you confessed to liking talking books. I take it back.

With the frugality of my ancestors I calculated that if I could fit one thousand books onto my new Kindle, and a download typically cost $10, I could do some serious spending, so I turned to the trusty Gutenberg project http://www.gutenberg.org/wiki/Main_Page

There are so many books I read in childhood – on the bus,in the library,on the swings, in the garden – or on holiday by the Med, totally immersed while my children fought off octopuses, heat rash and glace vendors – and I wanted to revisit them. Such happy days.

First was Middlemarch, which I had read on the Plage Pamplonne with an umbrella, a sarong, an apple and a bottle of water, so this re-read was suffused with squeaky sand and the smell of salt and Ambre Solaire. It was a hefty tome and a long read, and I had the bright idea of listening to it while I was cutting out and sewing.

Now the Kindle has the reading style of a GPS – in fact the GPS wins on matters of inflexion. It’s like having Ida Blankenship read out loud to you, but I can get over that, for love of immersing myself in story. I have a new mental holiday.

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3 Responses to A New Amusement

  1. La Dolfina says:

    Hi Tricia!!
    I've been meaning to tell you how much I enjoyed my day at The Pointe with you!
    It was so lovely to get to know you by just hanging out and walking through rows and rows of treasures and being able to introduce you to many of my wonderful people of the Pointe!!
    You were such a delight and incredibly entertaining. I hope it was the first of many get togethers for us :)
    Also, thank you again for bringing me my newest shell treasures… I love them and am waiting for them to find their place.
    Much love always,

  2. A-M says:

    oooh I am so tempted now. Pity my birthday isn't until Feb… oh Santa! I'll try him. A-M xx

  3. susie kline says:

    I have a Sony Reader and it doesn't talk! I think I would like talking books!

    xo Susie

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