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Wabbit Pie

When my chef friends come to dinner I try to make something out of the ordinary, and preferably from my own ethnic heritage.  Enter Wabbit Pie! I realised making this acted as a tranquilliser for me – days in the … Continue reading

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Raccoon Gift

Despite the inconveniences – muddy footprints on my white fence, the gradual conversion of my water-lily pot to salt/silt because they wash their hands there, garden depredations – I rather like living in close proximity to raccoons.  They live in … Continue reading

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New York, New York!

Suddenly a postponed shoot is on again, New York, Florida, Dallas all next week, but here’s the thrill – we will go two days early! Time out in my favorite city. I once created a coat of arms for myself … Continue reading

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I Have Crossed Over

We are now on WordPress – I feel I have entered my blogging maturity. I’m just getting the hang of this, so bear with me – tech is means to an end with me and my lips tend to move … Continue reading

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I’ve wanted to move away from Blogger all this year. Today we took the plunge. Our first day. Good. Compare the size of the Spartina Spraying photo with the Sistine Floor photos. Both the same size – however Blogger made … Continue reading

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Spartina Spraying

Excitement! Today the anti-invasive spartina crew arrived by boat. One with a propeller on the back.  Just like the everglades! Today was invasive spartina spraying day.  My contribution was sitting the deck occasionally calling “you missed a bit”!

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The Sistine Floor

On Friday my friend Carolyn told me what to do – she’s good at that. “Have a party!” she said.Immediately my mind flew to…the guest list? food? no – I started obsessing about the porch floor. I have been meaning … Continue reading

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I sent a photo of my haircut to my sister.  She sent back a photo of her new hair… …but she is merciful.

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I Build a House

A Queenslander to be precise, the sort of house I remember from my youth, with endless, enticing verandahs, french doors with transoms, high ceilings and that wonderful mysterious area underneath, dim and cool in a world which wasn’t at all … Continue reading

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These people certainly brighten the inlet  must be autumnal migration  and they are here to feed before heading to Mexico  I wouldn’t mind feeding up then heading to Mexico…. …hope they’ll wait for me…

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