Why are some times running on the spot? Granted, we were away from the weekend, staying with our friend Dan in his olive grove, and came away with jars of olives, strong roots of mint and oregano and a lot of good talking, food and wine under our belts. Even though it is hot and dry up there Dan has unlimited water, so I loved walking through his orchards and vegetable gardens, pulling up the odd thistle, checking the newly planted trees and enthusing about the merits of biochar.

One day back (that was yesterday), and now we drive down the coast to Esalen for a few days. It is a magical place, no computer access, no phone reception, which makes me nervous and thrilled at the same time, since I have at last negotiated the test run of double-width pure natural linen fabric which is being woven to my specification. A minimum order is 1000 metres, so it is exceptionally good for them to set up the loom for just enough for me to play with, 100 metres – thank you Michael! It is close to what I am using now, but slightly higher density and a wonderfully soft, tactile handle. I am excited – it’s like almost hearing and feeling a big, distant engine, being on a ship as it gets under way. Remember to Breathe!

Did I say some of my stuff is now at Artefact Design & Salvage? I am thrilled beyond measure since I just love their vast, echoing warehouse of treasures, at Cornerstone. If you are anywhere near Sonoma it is a must-see – just look for the twisting white fence and the two giant blue Adirondack chairs. My fourth shop: where is this heading?

A few posts ago I mentioned the giant red lobster, the digger anchored in one of the marina ponds. It has gone, as quietly as it came.

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4 Responses to Updates

  1. Low Tide High Style says:

    Sounds like a wonderful respite from your hectic everyday life! Enjoy…and we'll see you when you get back! Can't wait to see what you create with the new fabric!

    Kat :)

  2. fairmaiden says:

    I will purchase your linens one day…it may not be until my children have all left the nest and the hubby and I can enjoy such luxury. I just want you to know that 'your linens' are on my wish list. I am so so so happy for you that they are selling them in Artefacts. Maybe the hubby and I will go visit this weekend. I've never been…though I have traveled through Sonoma so many times. It is our 22 yr. Anniversary this weekend and we are still trying to decide where to go for a romantic getaway for the day.

    Have a lovely time down the coast.

  3. Snappy Di says:

    Such a lovely blog you have. It feels peaceful here.


  4. Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea says:

    Your new business venture and avenue sound so exciting! Still, to get away from it all, has its rewards too!

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