Rough Linen/Design Showcase

Rough Linen was accepted in the Apartment Therapy Design Showcase 2010 Contest!

I started making this bedding in November 2009 and it has taken off from there. Please vote for me (click on the link), and please ask your family, your friends and linen lovers everywhere to vote as well!

What a pity I am a stiff-upper-lip Brit and don’t get out much or socialise more. I sort of want to tell the world…

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7 Responses to Rough Linen/Design Showcase

  1. A Room For Everyone says:

    I'll definitely be voting, your bee tea towel and bed linen is gorgeous. Thank you for your very helpful comment on our kitchen. I had a look at the Lettered kitchen, very beautiful and so clever! Rachaelxx

  2. brismod says:

    Well done! I will head over there now to vote. Good luck!! xx

  3. A Perfect Gray says:

    sweetheart, I am thrilled for you! and it is an honor so well-deserved. I am headed right over to cast my vote!

    best wishes, babe!

  4. shopgirl says:

    That's awesome! Congratulations! I'm off to their website now!

  5. Atticmag says:

    Will give you 3 stars for the bedding! Good luck in the contest — you've got a good result already.

    There's nothing like linen. And yes, add me to the linen freak list for sure, one who finds the ironing comforting. White and natural are my things. Thinking of doing curtains from some antique sheets I saw.

    Thanks for stopping by. We'll announce the winner of our giveaway tomorrow night and have a new giveaway linky party for Friday. Jane F.

  6. Mrs. Limestone says:

    That is so pretty!! Good luck in the competition.

  7. Mrs. Limestone says:

    That is so pretty. Good luck !

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