Green, Green Grass

This time Esalen started working its magic on as soon as I walked under the trees to sit beside the cliff-edge. The grass feels like moss under foot, so thick and springey you sink into it with each tread.

We put our gear into the yurt, got some tea and just soaked it in after the long drive.

There is peace in this place like no other. Dear little children running and tumbling on the lawn, gentle sun after a day of fog, the clear, soft sound of the waves (and the seals!) down below…

I can’t rush this. It will take several blogs, and I hope to extend the feeling this way~

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3 Responses to Green, Green Grass

  1. fairmaiden says:

    I do feel the serenity of this place you are in. I am not sure where it is? is it near Big Sur? Is it a retreat place? I want to go.

    I'm thankful you are sharing it with us.

  2. Zaira says:

    What enchanting scenarios, the perfect places to relax and enjoy the nature….Soon I'll be off to a place like this. I miss the sea!!

    Hugs to you xx

  3. Struggler says:

    Oh wow, your second picture here is absolutely swoon-worthy…

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