The Joy of Paint

Not paint on my own brush for once, paint in the larger world!

I got a flurry of email last week from PPG in Pittsburgh, one of the largest manufacturers, saying they had seen my driftwood headboard and it was perfect for one of their concept boards, could they use it, giving all credit of course.

Oh yeah!

So I feel quite chuffed – and I bet their advertising budget is more far-reaching than mine!

If any of you dear ladies happen to see it (photo below to refresh the memory), would you mind telling me?

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5 Responses to The Joy of Paint

  1. Low Tide High Style says:

    Woohoo…congrats! And I love your headboard of course!

    Kat :)

  2. Gaia says:


    I think my freesa were the last for this year…they were so small and didn't last…Too hot right now in Italy!!! But you are right they smell so good!

  3. Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea says:

    It is such an awesome headboard -I'll keep my eyes open!!

  4. brismod says:

    Yes, congratulations. (glad to see the pictures). xx

  5. Struggler says:

    Well-deserved, congrats! Yes, I'll keep my eyes open – this will be a distinctive one to spot!

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