The Fence: TaDa!

I know it’s just a fence, but it pleases me every time I see it – obviously the stained, flaky old paint with two big black hand-prints from some comedic kid had been irritating me even though I was used to it (secretly I liked the black hand-prints too…)
This is better though – just simple and clean, raccoon-print taupey-gray though it looks lighter here, and with the postbox at the very beginning of the fence where the steps go down to the water, instead of jammed into the entry.


…and the inside, clean and white! See the before,

I took away all the hanging galvanised pots (I have plans for the cactus), and the handsome tree trunk, and I raked, a major task as the pesky privet drops all the time, leaves, blossom and berries. On the theory that any tree is better than no tree, I let them live.

I love the way this feels private, even secret.

So: no big deal, just a quiet pleasure. With all the enormous momentous exciting things coming up right now business-wise, it is very grounding to be pleased by a neat fence. Eat your heart out Aunt Polly.

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15 Responses to The Fence: TaDa!

  1. fairmaiden says:

    It is lovely and gives a wonderful private feeling.

  2. Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan says:

    Very nice, I love the privacy a fence provides. Hugs!

  3. Rita May says:

    " a lovely grace note to domesticity" what a lovely comment on MAY DAYS. Thank you. Cabin on the water is a dream of mine. I'll lots of time looking at your blog.

  4. Blue Ridge Altered Art says:

    It looks great, like a secret garden. Thanks for visiting my post. I loved your comment about the "blue bottles" by the bed!!! I looked thru your other post and realized that you are the "pillow lady". I have been following Sarah's A Beach Cottage Blog for quite a while and saw when she introduced your wonderful line of linens and pillows. I will be following your post. I love the driftwood headboard. I have an extensive collection of my grandmothers driftwood that she cleaned and used in her flower arrangements for flower shows.I will have to do a post of that in the near future. I even have a tiered table my grandfather made from a tree stump and vases he carved out of tree trunks.

  5. Tricia Rose says:

    My own headboard is fine, but the other one wasn't true salt-impregnated driftwood but old fencing, painted, so I hoicked it out of the house when I found suspicious powdery droppings underneath. I'll coat it with termite killer any day now…
    I look forward to seeing your grandfather's tiered table! I have nothing my grandfather made, but run up little stools in his memory, and feel close to him.

  6. brismod says:

    A good clean fence would give me immense pleasure too. Our poor old front fence is rotting away…

  7. Struggler says:

    Very nice – it looks calm and serene now!

  8. A-M says:

    It's perfect! A-M xx

  9. Debbie~ says:

    Beautiful fence and I looove the color! It is a BIG deal, there's something very special about something that makes us smile or warms our heart, such as your quiet pleasure! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  10. sealaura says:

    Good morning! You made me giggle! No, that was not my leg, I snapped this pic of my bf on his way out this morning :)

  11. Atticmag says:

    Quiet pleasure — to me that's the greatest luxury of all and you've clearly attained it. Wonderful. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Jane F

  12. atmosphereid says:

    I could really use a fence like that at my house.

    P.S. Thanks for commenting on our blog. We really love to see other people's point of view. I hope you come back often.

  13. Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea says:

    I love fences and privacy!!

  14. Patricia Torres says:

    That gorgeous work.. I love it.. Love your fence.. It looks new love.. I'm new to your blog.. but loved it.. so am here to stay.. Do drop by mine.. when you've got a minute :-)

  15. Deer Baby says:

    Lovely fence – love the colour and your description of it. And I adore your postbox.

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