I seem to be running low on steam.
I can’t believe it is Thursday, or July. My life has speeded up – actually it has overtaken me, and is dragging me forward at a less than dignified gallop. Not that I care much about dignity anyway.

I do care that my house has pinged out of order in a dozen subtle ways which will take time to remedy. Simple cleanliness, for instance. The day to day stuff gets done, and I even vacuumed yesterday before clients turned up, since I was knee-deep in threads. Every time I vacuum, I have to turn the Dyson over and cut windings from the roller. Every time, otherwise I would be polishing the floor with the accumulated fibres.

The fridge has a strange red crust down the back wall – spilt red wine probably. Don’t ask me how it got there.

I haven’t been on the water in ages, not even to fish out all the glasses that have fallen from the dock. I am ceasing to care.

The new bathroom window is in, and the bathroom sleek and tidy again apart from the trim. The old trim won’t fit, so I need to find the same profile, mitre it, fit it, and do the outside as well, bloody hell.

I really, really want to paint the living room planked ceiling, a horrible job. I really, really want to to take down my bedroom ceiling and plank the underside of the roof, an even more horrible job. I could do it myself (time), or pay a strong and willing lad (money). Time is money and I am dithering.

Life is interfering with work. Work is precluding life. I need to clear my mind and think strategy, because there has to be a better way.

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2 Responses to Strategy

  1. Struggler says:

    Oh, so sorry you're swamped. I'm feeling a bit like that too; the long weekend feels like such perfect 'project time' and it's slipping by me, mainly because I'm too terrified to start my own icky project (painting our bed). Am also considering the paying-someone-else option… we didn't move to CA to have our noses to the grindstone and I'm sure you didn't either.
    I hope things get a little more under control, or that at least you evict the red stain from the fridge. Could you perhaps tie string around your glass stems to stop them going swimming?

  2. Tricia Rose says:

    I am planning what could be a fun exercise, taking my kayak out at exactly the right point of the tide (enough water to float, not so much I can't reach) to fish the glasses out of the silt like tickling trout.

    The fridge will get its come-uppance after the Fourth of July… actually it's all about my own levels of energy and learning how to ride them. After all these years.

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