Long Days of Summer

Our talented friend Carolyn http://www.carolynrobbinsdesign.com/had a party last night, ten friends and neighbours from this wonderful little community on San Francisco Bay, sitting out in the cool of the evening while the twilight faded and the cities across the water became just points of light…
not enough light to make it a good photo, but it captures the feeling perfectly.

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6 Responses to Long Days of Summer

  1. Julie-Ann says:

    What a spectacular view that must have been. Glad you had such a lovley night:)

  2. allison tait says:

    Oh wow, can I move in? That looks just perfect.

  3. Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea says:

    So nice!!

  4. The Consummate Hostess says:

    Looks like it was fabulous affair!

  5. Deer Baby says:

    Lovely! My perfect sort of evening. Good friends, good food and spectacular views.

  6. Struggler says:

    You're tugging at my conscience that we don't sit out in the evening, letting it get dark, nearly often enough.

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