Things have been getting a little too natural along my front fence, so while I hate to disturb the little sisters on principle, I began to think of Miss Havisham’s cake when I saw it.

I make an effort to go out since I work mostly from home, but power-washing the fence instead of a walk seemed a fair swap, and now it is ready for painting. I am thinking a soft taupe, since that matches the natural wood in front of my garden and is the colour of the raccoon’s footprints as he climbs the fence every day, taking silt with him. Soft taupe, with the letterbox electric blue, whaddya think?

The inside will be white, since I am making as big a distinction as I can between inside the fence and outside – I’m lucky to have a tall fence in this land of open front gardens. I moved the gate around the corner to the end of the house (it was directly opposite the front door), so now we walk past my trees, under the vine, around the little bump of my office, with a vista all the while of my olive trees in wine barrels clear to the rosamutabilis on the arch at the end, onto the deck to the door.
This house is unprepossessing from the street – you can hardly see it! – and I want to make it even less noticeable, just a well-maintained fence hinting at things within. It is never going to have curb appeal, but I can make it a charming surprise.

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4 Responses to Cobwebs

  1. Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea says:

    I want my next home to be surrounded by a fence!

  2. Sharon says:

    I love the colors you picked. Do show us when you are done. I love all your plants, they are so exotic. My home is in the woods and people are very suprised when they come upon it. They always say, "I didn't know this place existed…". I just smile as I like it like that.LOL. I do love where you live.

  3. A-M says:

    Oh I agree, a well maintained fence does hint at something nice behind the scenes. Great colour choices! Awwh a raccoon – how lovely. We don't have them down here! A-M xx

  4. Struggler says:

    Sounds wonderful – love the idea of some intrigue behind the fence. And really, "Racoon's Paw" should be an official paint color!

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