An Ideal Day

Wake at six, do yoga stretches, shower and dress, then settle in front of the computer for about two hours of admin.
(wake up, stumble straight to the computer and sit cold and stiff in my nightie)
Have breakfast – a green smoothie, or bacon and eggs? And coffee. Lots of coffee.
(Coffee. Lots of coffee)
Sew until it’s time for lunch, out on the deck. Probably salad or something simple.
(Sew. Stop. Sew. Scrub saucepans. Drink tea. Sew. Put washing on. Sew. Check email. Check
Check and wrap orders, then sew again.
(Take orders to Post Office, do as many errands as I can dream up because I’m fed up with working).
6pm, watch Rachel Maddow for the political fix.
(It isn’t 6 o’clock yet so I don’t know how the afternoon will shape up, but I suspect it’s past redemption)
7pm walk Buckley. Breathe that sea air!

8pm dinner, then a film – last one was The White Ribbon which I found amazing and powerful, Stefan hated it. Tonight will be A Single Man, although the rest of the day has been far from structured, more like prowling around looking for distractions. Ah well.

The upside is that I now have eyeshadow that pleases me, a claw rake to replace the one I must have incorporated into the compost, nutritional yeast to fortify said green smoothie, and my machine back, yey!

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9 Responses to An Ideal Day

  1. A-M says:

    Ha, great post.. even the 'italics stuff' sounds perfect! A-M xx

  2. La Dolfina says:

    I love you!

  3. Maya says:

    Sounds all wonderful!! Maybe I should try to get up early…, and break the night owl habit just once in a while! Have a great weekend!!

  4. A Perfect Gray says:


    and thanks so much for your suggestion on adding larger scale into my pillow pattern! I can see that you are right about Anns' great mix of scale. I think you are right on – that has been my stumbling point up until now!

    all the best! Donna

  5. Low Tide High Style says:

    OMG are you my daughter?! This post could totally have been written by my lovely daughter! And I luv me some icanhazcheeseburger!!!

    Kat :)

  6. Struggler says:

    I'm inclined to think icanhazcheeseburger belongs in the ideal day, too. :)

  7. {this is glamorous} says:

    adored this post and what did you think of 'a single man'?

  8. Tricia Rose says:

    I enjoyed A Single Man, thought Colin Firth and Julianne Moore were wonderful, but the ending was a cop-out – why did he have to die?

    Some delectable lingering shots of hunky thighs… they were a rare treat…

  9. Rita May says:

    I just saw The White Ribbon this week too. Quite a coincidence, don't you think? It's wasn't a very well known.
    Still Looking!

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