Today my new bathroom window was installed, courtesy of my friend Steve. You need two people for a window but I wasn’t doing any good just hovering, so I started weeding the garden, and boy did it need it! I have shrubs along the fence, and the lovely thoroughbred horse manure I spread last year must have been full of grass seeds (do you think less elevated horses would have digested them better?) and some was three feel high, but stringy. The soil is so thin, I had to excavate for the trees and pittisporum and oleander, and the upside is that the grasses came away easily.

So I am excited that I can now implement some of the lessons from Nadia
http://nadiaknows.com/2010/01/07/seashells-in-the-garden/, as seen on http://www.completely-coastal.com/2010/06/outdoor-garden-decor-with-succulents.html – thanks Maya and Nadia both! I love the way Nadia has combined cactus and other succulents with sea-glass and floats without turning it into a theme park.

maybe a new use for some of my rope?

I happen to have a battered little car and some good jagged rocks, so they can join the mix.

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3 Responses to Weeding

  1. Kirsty says:

    Good work and photos! I love your header by the way what a great shot!

  2. Maya @ Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea says:

    Thanks so much Tricia! I'm now very curious!!! I think Nadia did such a wonderful job, and she had such a clear vision.

  3. La Dolfina says:

    I love this idea from Maya's blog too!!!
    Please show us how it turns out :)

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