THIS is Styling something unusual comes along which takes my breath away, and today this is it.
so simple, but it has story, and grace, and humour.

See about them at design*sponge

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3 Responses to THIS is Styling

  1. La Dolfina says:

    Love this!!! Checked out the links and she is fabulous!!! Enjoyed so much… Thank you :)

  2. Galit says:

    Love it so much!
    I agree, this is the essence of styling. What a wonderful light touch. The delicate details are so interesting to look at, and I might add, very smart.

  3. Carolyn Robbins says:

    loved the story of the walking stick, although it's old news on your blog and then this little cake display: precious. I hope you had a lovely birthday complete with linen napkins. If not, it must be my turn to order a set. The more the reason to have a belated celebration! Or is it tradition to gift your friend a present and not ask her to work? Ah…..but I do know what you like to do……

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