Summer Reading

So many varied suggestions for summer reading! I am easily daunted by rows of books, when I go into Borders it is like having dozens of hands plucking at my thoughts, and I turn tail (same in music stores). So I have some strategies…

Recommendations, especially from someone I trust.

The library! I take a recommendation, and when I find it I take three more books from the same section.

I don’t finish books I don’t like.

I re-read books I do like.

I go easy on fiction.

I read in French sometimes – that really slows me down, and I get far more out of the atmosphere of the book, and keep up my French! Isn’t that a good idea, especially in summer when I read Marcel Pagnol and can practically hear the cicadas.

When I realise I like a book I go back to the beginning and ration it, reading at speaking pace.

I read and memorise poetry. If I can’t sleep poetry is far better than a book, because it stills my mind – I’m not carried along by plot! Or I look at picture books, or my dictionaries, or at my atlas and let my mind travel. The world is so big.

Right now I am reading There Is Room for You by Charlotte Bacon, and Ship Fever by Andrea Barrett (I was in the Bs yesterday). I have enjoyed Raffaela Barker for her light-hearted, round-heeled mamas, and Robinton Mistry for my favorite book of all time, A Fine Balance.

Anything by Patrick Leigh Fermor – start with A Time of Gifts and Between the Woods and the Water.

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4 Responses to Summer Reading

  1. Struggler says:

    I love browsing in bookstores but very rarely buy anything; happily our library is new and nicely stocked so I don't need to fear an expensive mistake.
    I've had lots of success from the recommendations in the monthly newsletter (called something like "Indie Bound" I think) which is available to pick up in independent booksellers.

  2. Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan says:

    Oh yes, I re-read books too. I am happy to share my list of book recommendations at ( I hope it's okay I put the website here). I'm rereading Eat Pray Love right now in preparation for the new movie soon to be released. Have a lovely weekend. Katherine

  3. Maya says:

    The isle you find me in is "self help", haha. Love Deepak Chopra's book, underline a lot, then go back re-read what I underlined.

    I should have done that -reading French books…, if I had never stopped I'd still could have a conversation in French. It's too late now.

  4. Tricia Rose says:

    Never too late Maya! It has to be fun though – and no hurry.

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