More Fun

I was so pleased with my rough little boats, I thought they deserved a better platform – how fortunate I happen to have a supply of driftwood to hand! Two fine, battered thin planks were cut to size and mounted inside the fixed sidelights either side of my grim aluminium slider. From the sofas they seem to be on the water, which pleases the child in me.

I think that is enough little boats now. I don’t want to get carried away…

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2 Responses to More Fun

  1. Emelie - C'est LA vie says:

    So simple and beautiful… (Love the embroidered bee!)

    You have such a lovely view Tricia – I'm more than a little jealous!

    Happy weekend x

    ps. No jacaranda parties in L.A. that I am aware of, but then again, I'm not a native…:)

  2. Margitta says:

    I am aswell envious of your view. It looks so calm. The other night I went on a walk along the shore together with a friend. We found lots of driftwood and some things are in progress :)
    I wish you a relaxing sunday!

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