Lavender Festival

Wonderful fun clowning around on 100 degree heat in Sonoma today – it was for Father’s Day, so good thing the men were in touch with their feminine side!

Cissy and I came away sporting pale lavender fingernails, first manicure I have had in years~ normally my hands work hard and my toes have all the fun.

We did have a little wine too, and an unusual Chicken Caesar, with lavender aioli. I also had lavender baked beans, don’t ask for the recipe…

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11 Responses to Lavender Festival

  1. brismod says:

    Look at all that gorgeous lavender. How unusual to have lavender aioli…but I guess it was a lavender festival!

  2. Tricia Rose says:

    Too right it was unusual! I like lavender tea…

  3. fairmaiden says:

    Awe…I want to go! I wish I had know about it. I just posted some lavender today. Lavender nails, wine, but no lavender beans for me! Looks like you all had a great time…was there any lavender beer?

  4. Tricia Rose says:

    No, but lavender beer sound interesting. They did have free samples of lavender lemonade, and some lavender truffles, and of course long fields of lavender to cut – even lavender beehives! All sold out of lavender honey when we went on Sunday.

  5. Maya @ Completely Coastal + Daily Vitamin Sea says:

    And there's lavender herbs too…, just read that on another blog!

  6. Iva says:

    I love lavender!!! {errr I just dont think I want it in my beans LOL }

  7. Kirsty says:

    Hi Tricia,
    thanks so much for your advice on my painting… I'm thinking exactly the same thing! I'm going to do a few touch ups and tone down the waves.
    I just loove your middle photo in this post.. How goreous..
    Thanks for visiting!

  8. A Perfect Gray says:

    that lavender is beautiful. wish we had those fields on this coast!

  9. Jenny says:

    I LOVE lavender. It has to be my favorite scent!!

  10. La Dolfina says:

    Oh my, I wish I had known about this lavender festival… it looked amazing. I can smell it through the screen, or at least I'm trying!!!

  11. jules @ The Diversion Project says:

    that looks like heaven, can only imagine how good it smelt!

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