China Camp

Definitely the day for a picnic, so we went to our favorite spot, China Camp, right at the end of the point.

A lot of my pleasure there is in the old buildings, the old Chinese shrimping colony. Only Frank Quan lives there now, and makes delicious shrimp salads. The huts remain though~
is it possible to love a petrol pump?
And there are amenities:
Blissful place…

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4 Responses to China Camp

  1. sealaura says:

    lovely pictures, and I can see why you like the pterol pump, it is quite darling. the signs to "the facilities" are also cute.

  2. Marz says:

    my favorite spot TOOOOOOO! almost time for
    'ride and swim' can i get you out there for a few laps again???

  3. A-M says:

    Oh it's just perfection. What a lovely spot. Yes, I'm sure it is possible to love a petrol pump! A-M xx

  4. deer baby says:

    I'm not entirely sure how I discovered your blog but I love it. Love that petrol pump and the signs. I love signs. I've just been trying to work out where you are in the world – the US? But on your blog it says you used to live near the Ian Mankin shop – I love that shop!! It's such a small world isn't it?

    We have a little beach house on the Isle of Wight. I have bought ticking fabric to make cushions. We love it there. Glad to have stumbled across your little cabin.

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