What Friends are For

Carolyn swooped down on us yesterday afternoon and bore us away to the Maker Fair, a long, bumpy ride to San Matteo…

I really like that it wasn’t polished and commercial – sleek Stanford science grads with steam punkers, old hippies in round specs, tattooed bikers, old ladies with green hair and motherly types with big smiles.

Highlights: the man who danced with lightning bolts of course!

I LOVED the three-dimensional routers, and the super-clever Stanford section which went far beyond anything I have heard of, let alone can understand. Humbling. But then so was the high-school section!

These are kites with cameras attached, source of exquisite low-tech aerial photos.

I don’t understand robots. They were tragic -all that tech to get a ghoul made of old chewing-gum to lurch from a trapdoor. Fun-fairs of the 60s. Except for the sharks, and even they have a seedy look.

A way to make tiny, accurate drawings on eggs, if you are so inclined:

I was so disappointed in the textiles. I know good sewing when I see it and this wasn’t it.

The whole thing was so enlivening, though! Bubbling with ideas, gimmicks, strange obsessions. Good.
(A note on spelling: I can’t spell Fair with an ‘e’. I just can’t.)

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  1. fairmaiden says:

    Thats what I enjoy about the Bay Area…it's so colorful.

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