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I have just had a a rather blush-making review in The Daily Basics, especially thrilling because that is exactly what I am always trying to do, get back to the essence of things. You call bedding ‘linen’ because linen is the Gold Standard? Then I want linen! I want water not soda, fruit not an ‘energy bar’, champagne not sparkling perry. Real coffee, real cream. Butter. Open windows, not conditioned air.

It’s not all about money either, not by a long way, although La Brea does cost more than Wonderbread. It is fascinating that Anthropologie have hit a fashion nerve with stock which is in essence, hand made, accessible to any clever girl with a nearby S.A. and a pair of scissors.

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3 Responses to The Daily Basics

  1. Emelie - C'est LA vie says:

    Oh I totally agree about the coffee, champagne, butter etc. Authenticity all the way, I say! (Actually my father-in-law is an executive at La Brea = free artisan bread for us, which certainly helps the cause:)

    And you make beautiful bedding – congratulations on the great review!

  2. brismod says:

    Oh well done on a great mention. Your work is beautiful. Yes, I like things that a real too. Most of my beadspreads are handmade from my grandmother – they are old (30 years plus) but have definitely stood the test of time.

  3. A Room For Everyone says:

    Great post and congratulations on the mention, although I am not surprised! You have a sense of humour like no your comment on my bedside post..Rachaelxx

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