I am a little bent out of shape, kicking myself for taking on too much pleasure, thus souring it. Talking about design, and blogs! So, I am pruning. Going more spare, uncluttered, simple. Back to basics.

Would my taste alter if I had unlimited funds? I think a bigger influence by far would be place, and what I really want to do is a new-build, which I have never done before. I ripped internal floors out of a terrace in Hampstead, pretty much left alone our place in France apart from the kitchen, transformed a vast, be-pigeoned, black and orange loft in Soho, gutted our 1820 family house which had the best garden in London, in my opinion, and have had my way reviving the tired, tamed hunting cabin we live in so happily now. I draw and re-draw the simple barn I want to end my days in, though at the moment there’s no way from here to there.

I am more fundamental now, longing (if that’s not too strong a word) to use local resources – if I could mill my own wood, use my own stone, all the fascinating new/old technologies, tamped earth, re-used materials. Timeless, essential basics, which is at the root of my love affair with linen I suppose. I am soft enough to dream while I sew that my bedding is strong enough, timeless enough and beautiful enough to be used for generations, nothing would please me more.

And now with new focus I have blog categories: design, with remodelista leading the way, and presentation, which is dominated by truly gifted amateurs, and then fun and one-offs where I love the ‘voice’, and that is where real communication and discussion and internet friendship can blossom and grow into something which enriches our lives. Community.

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3 Responses to Rebellion

  1. A Room For Everyone says:

    Well said! I love your ideas about local resources too..Rachaelxx

  2. Maya says:

    Timeless, essential basics…, love that!

    So you will have categories here?!

  3. Tricia Rose says:

    On my RSS!

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