Long Weekend

Leo has been here from Sweden (http://cabinonthewater.blogspot.com/2010/03/ice-rafting.html ), and in one brief stay he has stopped my w.c.s running, fixed the leak in my hose and mended the sliding door. Is there a more transformative house guest?

They will visit again after they sell their land in Little Sur, just before we set off to Utah, never to be seen again….. Actually I’m sure we will get back, although it is so different up there, so wild and strange, I sometimes wonder. I love travelling for the day job.

Meanwhile back at the rock face I have finished my monogramming, mainly because I wanted to prove I can step away from the sewing machine – and if I can’t, I’ll lie. I have some custom pieces to finish, so it’s good to keep them separate from normal production.

To my dear one who is facing so many domestic disasters she feels a plague of frogs is imminent: hold on! things will get better.

Great party Mary!

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