Inspired by Sea

It is a great blessing to have so much musing time while I work – in fact it is guaranteed that in the course of the day I have hours when I can just be, and do.

So while I was cutting seventy-five yards of fabric (in batches, otherwise I lose track), I found my mind returning to Santa Cruz and the strange visceral tug of attraction and repulsion standing over deep, green water. From above the sea lions seem friendly, playful – but would they be if I were swimming amongst them? I would want to swim like them, not splashing and thrashing, in clothes!

Most of all my mind returns to the colour of the water, that deep, lucent green. I might think of it for a couple of days yet. And the seals, who toil not, neither do they spin, neither do they worry about their waistlines.

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One Response to Inspired by Sea

  1. fairmaiden says:

    Beautiful thoughts…I will bet you will be sewing some pillows in that deep translucent sea green in the near future.

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