Happy Birthday!

My lovely mum:

Happy Birthday to the most glamorous granny on the planet – I don’t understand how your blood flows through my veins, yet I’ll never pull it off like you!

Have a wonderful day in Brisbane – wish I could be there~

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday!

  1. brismod says:

    Your Mum is glamorous! And how on earth did she end up in Brisbane??

  2. Tricia Rose says:

    My nephew and niece both go to uni in Brisbane, so my sister is flying up from Sydney, my brother and his wife are picking up my mother from Murwillumbah and they are all going to see the adorable student digs in New Farm. Wish I were there too…

    Yes isn't she glamorous, and (shhhh) she is eighty-eight.

  3. Miriam Leigh says:

    Your mum IS lovely! Glamorous is a better word, as Brismod put it. Happy birthday to her.

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