Does She? have a lovely article on my oeuvre – I am so glad Cece gets it that my linens are tough!

I think I need some pictures of adorable babies chewing it – I’m working on some wolfhounds, but I need to cast a wider net.

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6 Responses to Does She?

  1. fairmaiden says:


  2. Shellbelle says:

    Oh, what a great review she gave you and that baby is just precious!

  3. Colleen Hickey says:

    Fairly soon I will post a pic of your bedding with a 150 lb Newfoundland lounging on it. If that doesn't say something I don't know what will!

  4. Miriam Leigh says:

    You are getting awesome coverage in all the right blogs and mags, as you should. Your linens are beautiful.

  5. Tricia Rose says:

    Love Newfoundlands – very Peter Pan! and the baby is just gorgeous, though looks a little like Lloyd Bridges… Better than looking like Winston Churchill.

  6. shopgirl says:

    What an absolutely beautiful baby! So adorable!

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