I was taking photographs this morning and included this untimely amaryllis. Stefan thinks it has to much chroma but no, this is the colour…

I am totally disgusted at the standard of design I saw today while filming somewhere-which-had-better-be-nameless. There was only one inspired, inspiring room: the kitchen was poncey, the study was stuffy, bedrooms vulgar, living room insipid. Worst of all, scattered through the house, in with all the pretentious, expensive furniture were rusted agricultural parts, varnished block-and-tackle, coral plonked in many a bookcase and clear vases filled with sand and shells. It has peaked. I need to move on.

Glum. Disillusioned. Going to bed. I suppose anything can be done badly, even the best ideas.

At least the amaryllis is beautiful.

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One Response to Disillusion

  1. Low Tide High Style says:

    It is a lovely amaryllis! And sometimes when things are too contrived they lose their inherent beauty!

    Kat :)

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