Unexpected Fun

Saturday came my rescue on a white charger after a busy week.

First, Carolyn whisked me off to find garage sales in Gerstle Park, and after the anticipation of a slow hunt, cruising down leafy street looking for signs, and parked cars and all the other giveaways we found a great estate sale up past the old Mission road further up the opposite hill, a lifetime of accumulation, run by a cheerful family, so we didn’t feel we were prising treasures from cold, dead hands and weeping (or heartless) heirs. That cold, dead hand suspicion spoils a lot of thrifting for me…

Carolyn is a designer – a real award-winning, career designer, so it is always fascinating to see what she chooses, and she is far more way-out and cutting edge than I am. She bought two galvanised buckets, a lovely simple lidded wicker basket, a framed embroidered woollen embroidery to be made into a cushion cover,

two tiny crusted Japanese statues of little men for her bonsai, a very fetching close-knitted navy cotton beret, a red wool scarf, and a box of cloth cocktail napkins stamped with wood-cut images of San Francisco.

I bought another small black saucepan with a forged iron handle, a bright yellow kitchen scale which is totally out of character for me (the creak and crack of expanding horizons?),

and four old badminton rackets to hang beside the deck, daring anyone to play badminton beside a ten foot drop to the water. I passed on a flotilla of eight little bamboo boats, white stonewear (I don’t have the need or the display room, someone else will adore it), a most interesting pointy glass finial with a bad epoxy mend which doomed it, an enormous old copper post box, and a little galvanised jar and lid I didn’t need.

We had coffee and split a cake at the new worker-owned Arizmendi Bakery – fabulous bread and pastries! – in San Rafael, feeling so pleased with the day and our purchases, you might have thought we were hunters coming home with a moose draped over the car.

Short break at home, then to my darling daughter and on to the Stellar Spa for quiet, calm, order, peace and pampering, and green tea, magazines and dreamy, desultory conversation until they told us it was actually closing time…. thank you darling daughter. So relaxed my hands slid from the steering wheel and I melted into the pleasure of driving with the window down and the sun behind me along the series of gentle points and inlets bobbing with boats, passing scents of jasmine and eucalypts until I came to my own secretive and hidden front door. Ahhhhh~

But wait – there’s more! Dinner with Mah Boys, exciting talk into the night, much admiring of biceps and six-packs (on computer geeks?!) And so to bed.

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  1. Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle says:

    I love the embroidered piece. It will make a gorgeous cushion.

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