The Bright Side

Why am I surprised that I am HOT in the sub-tropics? though this morning we had a thunderstorm like God emptying his bathwater which has cleared the air quite a bit.

Since my mum is just out of hospital she is full of wee naps, so I have been amusing myself, rummaging in the archives, finding photos of me plump and young and more innocent than I can remember, cleaning up the strange implement from a back kitchen cupboard and then turning vegetables into long shaved ribbons and vegetable spaghetti. I did a little spring clean and hung two big loads of washing just before God’s bath, and I have been social director for callers and visitors.

My next project is to buy clothes pegs, and to find out why United don’t appear to have a booking for my return flight…

See Rough Linen here! Thanks Tristan and Krista!

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