Sydney Harbour

It’s coming…
it’s here!
Just back from a glorious early morning tour of Sydney harbour, the inaugural run of the new Rozelle to City ferry, brought to fruition in part by my dear bro-in-law. Little did I think, little did I think that twenty-four hours after realising I should come over, I’d be here. My head is still swirling trying to keep up.
Iconic, no?!
What a way to go to work!

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2 Responses to Sydney Harbour

  1. Michaela says:

    Hey! I only just started reading your blog because I love your beachy style. And now, youre visiting Sydney. (Where I live). Well, welcome! I live on the fabulous northern beaches. Pop over to my blog and drop me a line if you wanna say hi. Id be happy to show you some sights if you need a guide/instant friend. My blog is

  2. freefalling says:

    Wow – you move fast.
    One minute there – next minute here!

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