Rain Forest

It is so hot and steamy here my glasses fog.

I woke this morning to the liquid warbles of currawong, then a full chorus of kookaburras amongst the peeps, howls and screeches of abundant local wildlife – even whip birds. I pick small beetles out of my morning coffee, and wonder what is slithering as I pass bushes. You’ll never walk alone here.

Best of all, it is so thoroughly rural. I drive past fields of calves, some cows, but with ducks, hens and small egrets – all the ibis of January seem to have left. Wollumbin was poking through a doughnut of cloud, with dark forest below.

I have not been idle, though I am crucified with guilt that I am not sewing! I know I am useful though, and my mum is doing well thank you for asking, though if I make her laugh her staples hurt. Home is coping without me very-well-thank-you, so at night I read Barbara Pym without a cloud on my conscience. I have passing thoughts on the meaning of all this, the timing, the synchronicity, and blow me if I can find logic or reason. It just is.

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2 Responses to Rain Forest

  1. Michaela says:

    Hey Tricia Rose, I love your eloquent description above. I know that area very well. Its all very lush isnt it? And don't you LOVE the sugar cane fields? Last time I was up there with the kids, I cut a piece of cane and started chewing it. Sorry, whoever's cane that was, but it was delicious! Hope your mom is on the mend soon.

  2. Tricia Rose says:

    Thanks Michaela, she is doing really well.

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