Pinkney and Thinking

I made these for my International Friend of Mystery in Sydney, who has been getting wonderful articles on the internet recently! (I’m not saying her name as it could be interpreted as piggy-backing). It is also a glimpse of my newly revealed shiplap, still needing some filling, and the sofa covers just downright need a wash for heaven’s sake, I haven’t touched up the woodwork or re-hung my beloved kelp which looks like giant sperm, but I’m getting there.

Blog etiquette has been occupying my mind once again. Is it the same as everyday manners, with a twist? The comments that make me laugh most are usually the meanest! and most accurate! Gushing is boring. What do you do if someone gets too fond of you? What do you do if you feel like an over-eager puppy yourself? (that’s easy – back off).

All in all an education, insight into my own behaviour and my dependence on the internet. Currently my dear old mother (who is a Living National Treasure) is fretting because she is separated from her laptop, in hospital after a procedure. There is now wifi in the dialysis centre we filmed on Monday – what a good idea! A Luddite friend has finally caved and is getting a laptop.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was the turning point for humanity, true communication, the beginnings of far-reaching webs of global understanding? so all flesh can see it together?

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  1. Karena says:

    Tricia, really beautiful linens. Love this look for spring & summer.

    Art by Karena

    Art Giveaway is up on my site so come and join in!

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