Peak Experience

I was sitting in front of the window sewing antler buttons onto Nancy’s duvet when suddenly everything looked beautiful and felt *perfect*, from the double helix of my stout linen thread before I knotted the ends to the bright blue of the water and the murmur of Mary’s voice from the dock.

How does one moment among many become memorable? It felt like peace, a pleasant, undemanding activity, unhurried.

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Not distracted by shiny objects.
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2 Responses to Peak Experience

  1. Molly de Vries says:

    You discribe this feeling so beautifully.

  2. Maya says:

    It's absolutely gorgeous! We had the most amazing water today too, for a while it was completely still reflecting the rain clouds in the sky. It's wonderful to see ocean waters from the living room!!

    My Mo post on Completely Coastal is about you -hope you don't mind me using your cabin in my header!

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