Little Bed

Friday afternoon. We both have streaming colds, just back from the Post Office and I have finally (almost) cleared my backlog of orders, a leeetle bit too much pressure there, and I have settled down with the first glass of elderberry of the summer to read fashion blogs – not my usual read at all. If I could have a uniform I would – one of the things I loved about living and working in Soho was black and Doc Martens: so chic! so easy! Here I tend to the good-wool-trousers-and-matching- V-neck in winter, and linen or (shush) polyester pants and a shirt in summer. I won’t set the world on fire anytime soon.

So, this is me relaxing! Got books out of the library, bought a dear little pottery cup at the Salvation Army the exact colour of St Barts blue, so I’ll use it for flowers I think. I’m planning Hot Sour Thai soup for dinner, and my Rachel Maddow political fix will be on in twenty minutes. Bliss.

The photo is of the little bed I made up with the St Barts Stripe bedding, as a sample to show people – well, I’m not going to wander around with a big hot duvet in my arms am I? I have become awfully fond of it, so it lives beside this bed, with its own flowers, and teacup, and little table. Awwww.

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2 Responses to Little Bed

  1. Sarita says:

    That is adorable! I'm a sucker for "little" things and would definitely saw "awwwww" if I saw it in person too!

  2. Maya says:

    So you show people a little sample bed, makes total sense, and it's absolutely adorable!

    Maya @ Completely Coastal

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