After such a wonderful weekend I have barely left the house, so keen was I to complete all my orders, to the daft point that when more came in I got fussed. Believe me, I love getting orders: I promise not to be so silly again.

However I have used all my fabric, more is on order, but I will do other things tomorrow. At 7.30am I have to take Suscipe for her celebratory Twentieth Birthday haircut – her actual birthday is Saturday, with the help of Amy the kindest vet in the world we have largely alleviated her fits (fingers crossed), and I can’t tackle her tangles. She has been promised a lion cut. My emotions are mixed.Isn’t she beautiful? and doesn’t she know it!
This is intended as a ‘before’ photo, and since it was taken in 2007, quite a bit before – both she and I mysteriously look better this way! Strange, isn’t it?

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  1. A-M says:

    Oh she is heavenly beautiful. We so need a cat. A-M xx

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