Better Photos

I love burnt orange and consider it very ‘coastal’ – well it’s the colour of lifeguards isn’t it! And sailing shells, and scallop roe, and buoys…

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4 Responses to Better Photos

  1. Maya says:

    … and some of the quahog shells here are orange too! And what a lovely shot!

    Oh, and I just remember…, can you believe it…, I see 11 Riverside Drive from my home!!!
    Always thought it was a rental property, and never really see anyone really.

    Posted your button today. Thanks!!

  2. Miriam Leigh says:

    Do you know, I went shopping for a lipstick in that exact shade today? And I found it: Mac "Morange." It's on order!

  3. Galit says:

    Oh I love this photo!
    And yes – it is better than the 1st one :)
    These colors are fantastic!

  4. Amanda says:

    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and left this link. I love the hats with the oars and the orange is gorgeous! I suspect you are hiding your thermostat from you comment, great idea.

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