A Shortage of Barns

In my constant quest for the reception (not promotion) of my beloved linen, I suddenly had two thoughts: ‘Barn Style’! and ‘Men’! What I make is simple, basic you could say – utilitarian, but luxurious in that it is the real thing. No unnecessary extras, just exactly what it is. The Japanese are good at this, call it shibui, or wabi, or even wabi sabi when you have worn it in.

Not exactly first among Ad Words though.

What I think I need is a photo taken in a proper barn – soaring timbers, shafts of sunlight dancing with golden motes, an elegant, simple patrician bed, hints of a private world. How can I find it?

Or a log cabin – or Sissinghurst would do nicely, or Leeds Castle. Maybe Mottisfont Abbey…

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5 Responses to A Shortage of Barns

  1. Maya says:

    Would be interesting to find out as to whether men shop for bed linen…, they must, right!

    Maya @ Maya @ Daily Vitamin Sea & Completely Coastal.

  2. Tricia Rose says:

    The Barn House Boys http://www.barnhousebh.com/ are taking my stuff – maybe I should visit them with a camera?

  3. Canadian Cottage says:

    Your right, your linen is absolutely luxurious looking, and I think it appeals equally to both men and women. My husband didn't understand about different quality of fabrics until I explained it to him, and now he can appreciate the difference! A photo in a barn would be beautiful.
    Have a wonderful weekend, I hope you manage some time for fun this time!

  4. A-M says:

    I love simple! As soon as I move house, get settled, breathe and get over my nervous breakdown from all the stress, I am going to order a swag of your gorgeous creations and cover my sofa in them. A-M xx

  5. Colleen Hickey says:

    this is SO me, LOVE these photos, barn style, and your wonderful bedding that is both simple and exquisite, not terribly feminine, but not masculine. It just is.
    It was so nice meeting you and Stefan and although reading your blog was a pleasure before, it is so much more now! So happy to be carrying Rough Linen!

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