I love Petaluma and feel I know it quite well, so I was delighted to go up there yesterday to see a lady about a cow.
Karen and Chris have a vineyard and ranch on Spring Hill, and we spent a lot of time there working in 2008. I wanted to visit the delectable see Michelle McCauley again, and to call into the amazing to film Bug as well so we made a day of it, potato pancakes and smoked salmon in the pub on Kentucky Street just rounding it off nicely.

The most exciting thing by far was the cattle wrangling though. I had dressed in white jeans, white shirt and sandals – just what you want to wear in a cow paddock. Well, sometimes I’m a bit dreamy when I get dressed in the morning! As we came up the hill on narrow Spring Hill Road there was Karen with two helper, corralling four cows nto the cattle truck, but the grass was green and the cows didn’t want to go.

Well of course we wanted to help, so…grabbed the camera and mike and started shooting! Aren’t we just the people you want around in a drama! However I did grab the flapping end of a folding hurdle and kept it firm so the cows couldn’t get onto the road, so I did feel marginally useful. Karen is so brave, these Highland cattle have BIG horns.

I love the Petaluma Gap. Maybe one day I’ll build my Petaluma barn, and have chickens and an orchard, and sweet flowing water…

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