Men like Flags

I love the clean lines of flags, the graphic shapes, the need to communicate. And it delights me that they appeal to so many men, speaking comparatively. The field of the web where I happily graze is mostly distaff, but because of the flags, I also have men as clients.

While I was making a Traditional Z for Bryan, I realised that the colours were identical to a favorite jumper I knitted for Stefan a long long time ago. It was a French pattern, connected somehow in my mind with Marie-Claire, so I photographed the two together.

If you look closely at the picture below, you can see I knitted a tiny heart onto his sleeve, so he would always wear his heart on his sleeve. So soft and soppy was I in youth.

Despite the French Connection I see these colours as Italian: rich, moody, bright but off primary. And in the cushion I love that the logical way to make it is with folds where you would expect seams, and each bias cut paired with a straight cut so it doesn’t pull. When you get down to it, sewing knitting and building are all playing with materials in three dimensions, creating relationships, references and structure out of – forgive me – whole cloth. Is there better fun?

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  1. Maya says:

    Me too -love the flags. The sweater is so fun too!

    I just send off the email (regarding ad on Completely Coastal)…, sorry that I'm so late with that. I had stored it in draft and thought I had sent it.

    Maya @ Daily Vitamin Sea & Completely Coastal

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