Making Soup

Sometimes there is nothing more simple, grounding and satisfying than making soup. Chop chop chop onions, carrots and celery. Good olive oil or home-rendered lard (don’t be squeamish about lard, it has its place). Bones, roasted – the bones of a barbequed chicken are particularly good for making a stock ahead of time. Today I am making red lentil soup with ham, for a simple supper with home made bread. Tomorrow the store-bought sushi.

I felt quite affronted seeing driftwood mirrors and table in Crate and Barrel, buckets and paint brushes in West Elm. I made my driftwood mirrors in 2004, and if they are trendy I’ll have to change. Recycle them into firewood I suppose.

I want a timeless quality. Is that the latest trend?

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One Response to Making Soup

  1. Lia says:

    I have no idea what the latest trends are, but if they are in why not sell them and make your money.
    That way you will have more money to keep making yummy soaps till winter is over.

    I never worry about what's on trend, just make what I like and often find that others do as well because they sell.
    London has gone mad for anything that's from the 70's right now and I am just going along with it. Seems to be working for me right now and it's selling. I'll stop selling retro as soon as it stops going out the door. But I am still making the things I like as well.

    Much love

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