Hitting the Wall

When there is a mess, make a bigger one.

Threads all over the floor and general housework deficit while I finished my orders, but now that they are safely done I am squarely facing the delay of the rough linen fabric – at least two weeks. Everyone has been understanding but it is nerve-wracking, so the Pollyanna in me rose to the challenge and I hit the wall. Yes, last night I took my circular saw to the drywall opposite my newly exposed shiplap, cutting around the big mirror since for the life of me I couldn’t see how to take it down without breaking it. It rests on a screwed in metal channel, and is glued as well, very securely.

It is the sort of thing I could never do if I had fabric around as it created billowing clouds of plaster dust, but I cleared it by the time Stefan made dinner, all swept up and the furniture back, with just a fine haze of dust everywhere. This morning I need to tackle the ply panelling underneath, and all in all it makes a nonsense of getting too house proud. I am comfortable with that.

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