Bollywood comes to San Francisco!

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The dancers at the party last night danced for Obama and the Indian Prime Minister, so boy were they good! I was entranced by the costumes (I’m a fabric freak!) – bright colours: four of the men in lime green, from their cockaded turbans to their embroidered tunics and flowing dhotis, two men were in hot pink (the navy blue of India, Schiaparelli called it). The girls were in softer shades of blue and green, and there was one girl (in a junior navy skirt with sequins) who was simply so beautiful, and so graceful, I could not stop watching her, her movements were literally fascinating.

Ashraf simply holds the most brilliant parties, from the miles of red carpet outside City Hall, to the flowers, the light shows, the ever abundant food to – the music. You cannot help but dance to those infectious rhythms.

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