Skunk Again

We woke this morning to the warm ripe smell of skunk, stronger inside than out unfortunately, as it means one has probably set up house again under my office.

We were at the WildCare Gala only only Friday night, M.C. was Arianna Huffington so I was tremendously impressed, it is always so well organised, and delightful with the animals, Vladimir the turkey vulture, a spotted owl, a possum, three snakes and a very large tortoise who has been trained to follow a red ball. Oh, and a peregrine falcon called Pele. An endless succession of irresistible nyumpettes of vegetarian food, flowing champagne, dancing, plenty of people we know, and the final luxury, in true California style we were home by about ten!! Since I had spent the day painting and ripping up carpet, then lino (to find polished floors underneath!), then the hard labour of scrubbing off, perfuming and brushing up, I was ready for the beddy-bed-bed song.

The real point of course is that we need their expertise again far sooner than I could have thought.

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