Vaucluse Beach

Even the paper coffee cups at Vaucluse House are chic.
I love the way neighbours just pile the boats up on ‘their’ beach.

Norma and I walked around Vaucluse House this afternoon, remembering when we were kids how wild and alluring it was to us, but pleased how beautifully the grounds have been restored – you can even see the little waterfall now, and the rock pools and stream.  We explored the new heritage kitchen garden and walked down to the darling little beach which we never used to go to - why not?  It has sand, rock pools, gigantic trees, but back then we wanted surf, or we would go to the bigger beach at Neilsen’s.  Ah well.

I took plenty of photos and will see if I can upload them tomorrow, but none of the Rajistan dancers in their bright turbans, white dhotis and kurtas, definitely livening up Hyde Park.

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