Travelling Around

My camera is bulging with photos – what specialised torture it is not to be able to find the cable to my computer! The rough sandstone convict walls,
the deep verandahs where we had coffee in Berrima in 100 degree heat,
Peppergreen, the amazing antique and household shop which just went back and back, room after airy room piled high with china, and fabrics, and glass-fronted drawers filled with bone-handled knives, billy-cans and jerry-cans and milk-cans, solid old tools, trunks, hampers and baskets.

Part of the pleasure for me is going to places I have heard of all my life but never seen, since I eloped to England (another story!). I was just so determined to go to Europe, and maybe it has taken until now for me to appreciate the wide country streets,

verandahed footpaths, proper differentiated shops – butcher, greengrocer, fabulous coffee shops and cutting edge design, housewares and clothes, deep in the heart of the country.


We had lunch at The Elephant Boy surrounded by walls of books, flowers and slow ceiling fans, then Minty returned by train to Sydney
while Paddy and I drove on through the green and rolling Southern Highlands to Yass, where we talked into the night with our old school friends and drank chilled white wine in an oasis of shade.

Canberra the next day was poignant with visits to the High Court Building and National Portrait Gallery,
oddly juxtaposed, with a jumble of remembered names and faces and the sense of a heritage I had abandoned, then the Impressionists from the Musee d’Orsay, so strange to see them in a different context, and jam-packed – everyone was there, babies, families, old ladies in wheelchairs in a vast space.

Enough for one post – I am putting off unpacking my suitcase of clothes, duvet covers, cushion covers, books and (I hope), the missing cable!

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