Next stop was Gisborne to visit my brother, who is building a new house on what used to be the front paddock of an old farm.
The land slopes gently to the mountains in the south, but what charmed me utterly was that they have put their orchard, chooks and vegetable garden in the old tennis court, perfect drainage, netting and size!

There are long, low drystone walls defining various levels, and incredibly heavy stone benches, presumably put in for spectators.
And not only that, the stone changing hut is now the perfect man cave, stuffed with tools, a big table, and old chair and espresso pot, and with the venerable Noddy parked beside it, still in perfect working condition. Ahhhh.

The slab has been poured, the greywater collection pipes, drains and supplies are in place, and I can’t wait to see it finished.

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